Jakub Jiroutek

Jakub Jiroutek

Comment on Saturday and Sunday

Saturday, small hill: It was not so good for my team. Only Colloredo made his stable jump and finished as 36th and momentally results went up, because in training...Read more...

Alessio Bolognani

Alessio Bolognani

Weekend summary

Yesterday there was the mixed team competition. Evelyn and Elena were the best jumpers in trainings inside our team. Therefore we decided to choose them for the team competition....Read more...

Walter Cogol

Walter Cogoli

1 periodo

ciao..si e’concluso il primo periodo di gare ,,che precede la 4 Hills..nelle ultime settimane ci son stati buoni risultati dei nostri atleti con ultima gara rox dellasega 21 posto...Read more...

Upcoming events

Next event: Ladies


Falun (SWE)

K-Point: 90
HS: 100

Firday, 14.03
14:30Official training
16:40Qualification round
Saturday, 15.03
14:15Trial round
15:15Individual competition
Sunday, 16.03
8:45Qualification round
10:00Individual competition

Next event: Men


Harrachov (CZE)

K-Point: 185
HS: 205

Thursday, 13.03
14:30Official training (2 rounds)
17:00Qualification round
Friday, 14.03
15:00Trial round
16:30Individual competition - 1st and 2nd round
Saturday, 15.03
15:00Trial round
16:00Individual competition - 1st and 2nd round
Sunday, 16.03
12:30Trial round
14:00Team Competition

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1 day! Harrachov 2014

World Cup Overalls

Ladies Overall

1.Sara Takanashi1520
2.Carina Vogt761
3.Irina Avvakumova692
19.Evelyn Insam207
27.Elena Runggaldier162
36.Manuela Malsiner58
49.Lisa Demetz15

Men Overall

1.Kamil Stoch1320
2.Peter Prevc1152
3.Severin Freund1123
62.Davide Bresadola36
67.Roberto Dellasega22

Nations Cup